Welcome to Full Moon Flora, a haven for sustainable locally grown flowers in Cheshire.

As an independently owned business rooted in our love for the environment, we take great joy in sharing the freshest blooms with our community.

Our farm nurtures a diverse range of flowers and foliage using organic methods. We are peat free and use no pesticides or chemicals. With the changing seasons, we carefully hand pick the best blooms, harmonizing with nature's rhythms while reducing our impact on the planet.

Join us in cherishing nature's treasures and immerse yourself in the enchantment of Full Moon Flora's British blooms.

How can you buy from us?


We supply mixed buckets & small scale orders to regular local florists & florist students who are on our supply list.

To be added to the list, please email us with your details & requirements.

Weddings & Events

Flowers and foliage are offered by the bucket for you to decorate your venue exactly the way you want it.

The best of what's growing that week, picked specially to match colour theme & vibe.

A wonderful, seasonal mix of focal flowers, filler flowers & foliage including herbs and grasses.

Buckets are priced at £70 for a minimum of 60 stems.

Advise us of what you're using the flowers for & we can provide the best stem length & bulk for your arrangements, anything from large installations to delicate jam jars.

Please contact us to find out more.